Best Aerating Company in Northern Utah!

We can aerate and fertilize your lawn for the fall for $35-$100. Call to schedule a free quote.

Best Fertilization Service in the Ogden Area!

We can fertilize your lawn for the entire year, with a 4 or 5 step program for $35-$100 per service. Call to schedule a free quote.

Best Lawn Care Service in Ogden!

We can mow your lawn, weekly for $25-$50, depending on size. Call to schedule a free quote.

Why Choose Unplugged?

We only hire clean-cut hard-working employees to give you the best lawn care possible! Take a look below to see what a few of our customers are saying about us...

Justin Atkinson

"Unplugged does great service and are very professional. They are reasonably priced, and they don't leave a mess on the patio or driveway after aerations or mowing."

Al Smith

"The Smith Boys have been taking care of my lawn for years. I always get great service and they are very professional. Can't imagine using anyone else. Oh, and by the way, they aren't related to me!"

Leann PoVey

"Love the service - love that the work is done by clean, professional young men who come and work hard until it's done. Great attitudes, love the result!"

Scott Rhead

"Great lawn care service at a good price. Unplugged Lawns does an excellent job at making sure your yard stays clean and cut."

Jeannie Hughes

"They are fast and thorough and reasonably priced."