About Unplugged

Quality lawn care service you can COUNT on!

Pictured first is Jordan Smith, the founder of Unplugged. Zach Smith, cofounder, is pictured next.

Unplugged's Story...

Unplugged, LLC was founded in 2009 by Jordan Smith. After Jordan left for a 2-year LDS church mission, his brother, Zach Smith, took over the entity. Following Jordan's return, Unplugged, LLC gathered momentum and continues to draw in new clientele due to its customer-service-oriented nature. You may wonder "why the name Unplugged? That's a strange name for a lawn care business!" Well, because Unplugged has a large, vested interest in core aeration...Zach named the company after the little "clods" or "plugs" of grass, dirt, and thatch that cover a newly-aerated lawn! Pretty interesting story, right? Well, that's the business. Be sure to check out our promotions and LIKE our Fan Page on Facebook!

As word has spread about Unplugged, we have expanded from Washington Terrace all through Weber and Davis counties. We believe in providing efficient affordable service with a smile. We've developed trusting relationships with many customers who openly recommend us to all their friends and family. We care about relationships with our customers just as much as providing exceptional lawn care. We look forward to getting to know you and your lawn soon!