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Best Aerating Company in Northern Utah

We can aerate and fertilize your lawn for the fall for $35-$100. Call to schedule a free quote.

Best Fertilization Service in The Ogden Area!

We can fertilize your lawn for the entire year, with a 4 or 5 step program for $35-$100 per service. Call to schedule a free quote.

Best Lawn Care Service in Ogden!

We can mow your lawn, weekly for $25-$50, depending on size. Call to schedule a free quote.

Why Unplugged?

UnPlugged, LLC was founded in 2009 by Jordan Smith. After Jordan left for a 2-year LDS church mission, his brother, Zach Smith, took over the entity. Following Jordan's return, UnPlugged, LLC gathered momentum and continues to draw in new clientele due to its customer-service-oriented nature. You may wonder "why the name UnPlugged? That's a strange name for a lawn care business! Well, because UnPlugged has a large, vested interest in core aeration...Zach named the company after the little "clods" or "plugs" of grass, dirt, and thatch that cover a newly-aerated lawn! Pretty interesting story, right? jk! Well, that's the business.

Justin Atkinson

"Unplugged does great service and are very professional. They are reasonably priced, and they don't leave a mess on the patio or driveway after aerations or mowing."

Al Smith

"The Smith Boys have been taking care of my lawn for years. I always get great service and they are very professional. Can't imagine using anyone else. Oh, and by the way, they aren't related to me!"

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