Unplugged Services

We offer quality lawn care, aeration, fertilization, and weed control.

Lawn Care

Unplugged offers the highest-quality lawn care service in Northern Utah. We take great pride in making sure our lawns are the most pristine and well-kept lawns possible. We mow, edge, trim, and clean your yard with the most care and utmost quality possible. Unplugged's lawns are noticeably different because of the exceptional curb appeal and clean sharp finish we offer. If you're seeking a lawn that will stand out and make you proud, then Unplugged's lawn care service is exactly what you need!


Here at Unplugged lawncare, we believe in being efficient and affordable. In the fall and in the spring we offer aeration service that is unbeatable in price and quality. Aerating your lawn twice a year allows the roots of your lawn to get more oxygen and enhances your soil's water uptake resulting in stronger roots and greener grass. This service is vital to helping your lawn stay healthy. Aeration also increases fertilizer uptake and use which brings us to our next service.